The Only Way Out is Through

“Groundhog Day” Seems Generous

I have taken the week off from work to…um, sit in the house, read, and look at social media. Basically the same as a work week, except for meeting other humans virtually. I’m halfway through this time off and have some things to show for it:

  • Just about done with the administrative burden required to start a PAC. More on this soon. Need to open a bank account and do the initial filings with the Feds and I think Texas. I run out of patience every time I try reading through the documentation.

  • I’m finally getting consistently good sleep. Limiting my booze in the evenings, taking almost the month off from looking at Facebook and taking a rest week from training has been good.

  • Feeling pretty good about making some vegetable stock today. But the jury is still out on that project.

These days elide, and I’m while I’m grateful (privileged) to have gainful employment, good health (at least today) and some degree of peace in my personal life, it’s getting harder to tolerate this situation we are all in. In addition to the roller coaster of “wait, it gets more horrible” news coming from every corner, I have run out of patience with bad faith arguments, selfishness, and the general cynicism that poisons so much of our discourse these days. I’m excited and working hard for serious regime change in this country. We can’t coast. In fact, it needs to be a landslide up and down the ticket to repudiate this disastrous path the country has been on. And if that happens (again, not guaranteed), we can expect plenty of shrieks from this newly emboldened population of racists who would be delighted if we returned to the worst of the past.

The Boy gets to play a tournament this week. Definitely an imperfect risk profile there. There are inherent challenges with changing generations of ingrained behavior in players and coaches. And like all organized sports, there is always an element of selfishness and mean-spiritedness that means at least a few folx feel like they just have to test the limits of good behavior. Since this public facing, that will be the extent of the language I’ll use about the bad actors/plague-rats that we all have to deal with. Maybe even more insidious is that the lack of good information from our leaders allows people to bend morality to suit their own preferences. But I’m gutting out the risk (and over compensating with my own behavior) because The Boy has worked hard through this tough time.